What is T-Safe®?

The T-Safe® Intrauterine Device (IUD) is made of a T-shaped Frame Of Polyethylene and barium sulfate. Copper wire is wound around the vertical arm. There are two additional copper sleeves fixed to the side arms of the T-Safe®. The copper surface is 380 mm2.

What Are The Characteristics Of T-Safe®?

T-Safe® IUD offers almost complete protection against pregnancy. It remains effective longer than any other non-copper IUD-based reversible family planning method. Correctly inserted, the T-Safe® is safe for women at low risk of sexually transmitted disease. The T-Safe® is an intrauterine contraceptive device made of polyethylene and Barium Sulfate. The side arms are flexible and shaped in such a way as to keep the IUD adjacent to the fundus, even in case of uterine contractions, without stretching the uterine cavity or touching the entrance of the fallopian tubes. The contraceptive effect is likely due to a pronounced sterile inflammatory reaction, which takes place as a result of a foreign body response in the uterus. The concentration of various types of white blood cells, prostaglandins, and Enzymes In Uterine and tubal fluids increases markedly. These changes interfere with the movement of sperm in the genital tract, reducing their potential fertilizing capacity so that fertilization is not possible. In the fallopian tubes, where fertilization is thought to take place, there are found fewer sperm in copper IUD users than in non-users. Thus, the primary action is most likely altering the function or survival of sperm and ova before they can meet.

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What is The Mode Of Action Of T-Safe®?

  • The primary mode of action is through setting up a cytotoxic inflammatory reaction in the endometrium, which is spermicidal.
  • The copper concentration in cervical mucus is also substantial and inhibits sperm motility.
  • The copper devices may also prevent implantation if fertilization occurs. However, the studies suggesting this were of older devices with lower copper content, and there is no clear evidence that modern devices allow fertilization to occur.
  • The postcoital use of copper devices utilizes this post-fertilization contraceptive effect.

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Side Effects of T-Safe®:

As T-Safe® is used for internal insertion, then it has some mild to severe side effects. The doctor explains these before the Disease Treatment so that patient is aware of everything. 
Common side effects on T-Safe® include:

  • Symptoms Of Pms
  • Headache
  • Tender And Sore Breasts
  • Skin Scars And Blemishes
  • Stretch Marks
  • Itching Or Lower Abdomen
  • Short Or No Periods
  • Irregular Bleeding During Pms
Severe But Rare Side Effects Include:
  • T-Safe® May Damage The Uterine Wall, Which Can Result In Excessive Bleeding And Infection. This Condition Is Known As Uterine Perforation.
  • The Device May Come Out Of The Uterus By Mistake. If It Falls Out, The Doctor Has To Reinsert It.
  • May Cause Pid (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  • During The Insertion, It May Introduce Bacteria To The Uterus Resulting In Infection.

Cautions To Take T-Safe®:

T-Safe® is safe to use and only has common side effects. However, before treatment, get a complete body check-up and ensure any Viral Disease or Seasonal Allergies. Also, after treatment, if your experience painful sex, heavy bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, or pregnancy symptoms, then immediately consult your doctor and get a check-up in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is T-Safe® a safe contraceptive?

Yes T-Safe® is completely safe to use and does not have severe side effects. Rare cases of severe conditions are reported.

2. How long does T-Safe® last?

T-Safe® can last up to 10 years without falling out. However, yearly checkups are advised.

3. Does T-Safe® make you gain or lose weight?

No, the weight is not associated with T-Safe® but weight gain is usually observed in many patients.